Do Human Growth Hormone Products Work?

Man Reading Supplement's IngredientsBefore we take a look at human growth hormone Hgh products in the market, here is a brief description about what this hormone really is.

The human growth hormone is secreted naturally by your pituitary gland which resides in the brain. This hormone is responsible for the growing up process and the repair and maintenance of our cells and tissues.

Natural hgh production is at its highest in children and reaches its peak during teenage years and that is the reason why children experience sudden increase in heights during their teens. In adults, hgh plays an important part in the regulation of blood sugar, metabolism, emotional stability, physical strength and emotional endurance.

As we get older, our bodies produce lesser and lesser hgh. This is one of the reasons why we get older and start acquiring age related diseases. That is why many people call this hormone the fountain of youth.

There are claims that adults supplementing with hgh products can take off as many as 10-15 years of age from the body to make you look younger and attain your body performance of younger people.

The good news is that hgh can be externally introduced into the body through various methods such as via injections, oral sprays and patches or supplements to encourage our bodies to produce more of our own hormones. People resort to using hgh products to retard the aging process or to "grow younger". However, do hgh products really work? Well, let us take a look at some of these products.

These are synthetic Hgh that are prepared in labs and is injected into your bloodstream. However, it is very expensive and is the luxury of the rich and famous. Many international movie and pop stars use this method to preserve their youth and to look younger.

Furthermore, since synthetic hgh is being used, patients are subjected to the possibility of many negative side effects and this is the reason why this method can only be administered by qualified medical professionals.

Hgh patches work in the same way as the injection method by introducing artificial hgh into the body by absorption through the skin. The reason why there is no oral method of introducing artificial hgh is because it can cause damages to the liver. Again, this method is regulated by law and has to be administered by qualified medical practitioners.

Then there are the oral sprays. However, there is the controversy that these sprays don't work and so do your research thoroughly before getting them.

Then there are supplements that are called Hgh releasers or boosters. These over the counter supplements are not regulated as they are not artificial hgh but are made from herbs and other safe substance to encourage your body to produce more of your natural hgh. Not only are these supplements suitable for people on a budget, but also do not have any known negative side effects.

So if you want to have more hgh, the safest and cheapest way is to get your hands on these enhancers and booster supplements. Megadrox supplement is just one of these muscle enhancers that you may want to consider trying.